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SSL Certificate Monitor


SSL Certificate Monitoring

SSL certificate monitor will download the SSL certificate and check for their validity and authenticity. This feature will also intimate you about the expiry of SSL certificates.

Add SSL Certificate Monitor

To add a new SSL Certificate Monitor,
Navigate to Home > New Monitor > SSL Certificate Monitor.

SSL Certificate Monitor path

Under Add SSL Certificate Monitor provide the following details

Host Info

  1. Label: Provide a name for the SSL Monitor, you want to configure.

  2. SSL Host Name: Input the name of your SSL Host. Choose appropriate protocol from the drop down and enter the domain name and port number against the same.                       

  3. Associate with Monitor Group: Associate the SSL Monitor with a Monitor Group (Available only in Enterprise Edition).

  4. Notify me before certificate expires: You can configure the alert so that you will be notified in advance about the expiry of your SSL certificate. Input the number of days.

Alert Contacts

Send alerts to: Your configured contact groups will be displayed against this option. Select the check box against an appropriate group. (This is optional)

SSL Certificate Monitor page

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